Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Please Help Shelby's Recovery

On the evening of Tuesday May 8th, Shelby Kernaghan MacNeil (also a mother of 2) had just stepped out of her truck at an Aldergrove corner store, to pickup some water for her softball team when suddenly she was approached and viciously attacked by a larger mastiff type dog. Shelby managed to get her leg out of the dog’s mouth and curled into a ball on the ground. But the dog still continued to bite her legs and her buttocks. Shelby has received 85 staples & 3 stitches due to this vicious random attack and is able to return home with being advised to keep movement to a minimum and will continue to be on antibiotics.
Recovery will be a very long haul. 
Shelby and her family will be without income for at least a few months and is without benifits threw her job. Any kind of help to assist Shelby and the children financially towards, medications, food, housing, utilities, bills and such would be greatly appreciated!
Please let’s help out as much as we can.   Sending you prayers for a speedy recovery Shelby!  Please Click HERE to donate.

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