Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Justice for GTAA workers Take Action!

Unifor President Jerry Diaz declares our resolve is greater than the GTAA's
Photograph supplied by Josh Coles 

The Greater Toronto Airport Authority has created employment chaos at the airport by attacking good jobs and job security.

The GTAA is:

Contracting out. The GTAA has derailed collective bargaining with Air Canada with a demand to outsource 130 good jobs to a company that would reduce wages by 50%.
Reducing the quality of service to passengers. By creating unstable, low wage work for those who provide service to passengers requiring wheelchair/special assistance, the quality of service can only go down.
Impoverishing workers. The service providers who do this work for other airlines at Pearson are not paid much more than minimum wage.

What the GTAA refuses to do:

Provide job security. Last month nearly 300 Swissport workers were forced into uncertainty after the GTAA ended their contract, forcing them to re apply for their jobs. If the GTAA has their way with Air Canada, 130 more workers will join them.

What you can do:

Demand that workers at the GTAA get job security and fair pay:
Send a message to Howard Eng, GTAA President.

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