Friday, March 27, 2015

I Will Vote 2015 Election Tool

Want to have some fun and share your reasons on why you will vote in the 2015 Federal election?   Do you know someone too young to vote or do you have a pet that you want to make a statement with? Make a sign!  Share your sign!  Tell the world your reasons on why you want to vote!  Vilifying an opponent may make you feel good but doesn't help to convince others to vote.  Referencing his/her record on issues that matter to you is a more positive way to go!

Download your own blank sign by clicking on the blank signs below and make as many copies as you like. Have union members, family and friends take pictures of themselves with their reason as to why they want to vote in the 2015 Election.  Encourage them to upload their selfies to Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  Remember to use the hashtag #IWillVote2015  You can also email your pictures to our web steward, Jim Sadlemyer at  Make a new sign any time the urge hits you, make as many as you like because  this is not a one and done project.  Submitting photos to Jim implies consent in their images being used for a slideshow and or video.  Send tweets to IWillVote2015 @JimSadlemyer    What's your sign?


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