Thursday, January 22, 2015

Williams Moving and Storage has closed their doors

Yesterday (January 21, 2015), The Company called for a 3 pm meeting/conference call for all employees in BC and Alberta to announce the immediate closure of the Company.  The Company has filed for bankruptcy and will have all assets sold at auction. Unfortunately for all employees (Union and non-union), they will be likely shorted their last pay cheques due later this week and all accumulated banked hours (which include hours such as vacation pay) will not be paid out. Both the Local and National Union Representatives are meeting with Company representatives beginning this morning at 7 am to obtain the information on how the process will be going forward.  

The Company notice said: “…Williams has been trading unprofitably for a period of time and has not been able to restructure appropriately in the current economic and competitive environment. Accordingly, all trade and operations will cease as at January 21, 2015.” 

The Company is filing notice under section 50.4(1) of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. Under section 81.3 of the BIA is the Wage Earner Protection Program Act which grants our members a super priority for the first $3000 they are owed in wages and earned vacation. (

This is a very stressful and sickening time for our members  and their families who have just found out that their jobs and benefits are gone.

Williams Moving and Storage had been in business for 86 years.

ATTENTION Williams Members:  Please forward your email to National Rep Mark Cameron for a more timely response. or call 604 340 8144.  I will try to reply ASAP.  You can also text me at 604 841 0940.

Mark Misic
Unifor Local 114 Union Representative
Direct Office:  604 516 8042
604 524 9457 or toll free 1 800 841 5911.

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